podcast alpha logoWelcome to my blog.

I am an Anglican priest presently living in Langley, BC and will soon be moving to Maui to be the rector of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Wailuku.

It features Podcast Alpha, my creatively named audio podcast. In it I will be exploring a very eclectic sampling of subjects:

  • The Geekiness of Life. Too many of my sermons had the lame explanatory note: “well, its like there is this wizard, right, and its fantasy, so just go with it, but you know its just like when Gandalf…” So, no apologies: full Geek and don’t mind the Balrogs.
  • Jesus at the Oscars. I will be offering movie reviews with lesser known movies with spiritual themes, or better known movies that you didn’t know had spiritual themes…
  • Dead White Guys. There are some really cool dudes with interesting things to say that need exploring. They aren’t all dudes, though they certainly are dead. Not really white, either, probably most are mediterranean…
  • Manliness and Relationships. Because, really, who wouldn’t be taking relationship advice from a divorced Anglican priest…
  • Politics, Society, Culture.
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  1. Rev. Cris South, Deacon/Maui HI
    November 30, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    I have enjoyed listening to some of your “homilies” and I look forward to meeting you here on Maui if we can just get the INS to take the 20 minute plane flight from Honolulu to Maui! Wishing a blessed Advent and hope you will be here before Christmas!

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